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  • Picturesque Hjelmerstald in the old town of Aalborg

    Picturesque Hjelmerstald, Aalborg

  • The All Souls Monastery in Aalborg

    The All Souls Monastery in Aalborg

  • Adventures on Water - RIB boat tours in Aalborg

    RIB Adventures in Aalborg

  • The viking stone graves at Lindholm Høje

    The Viking Stone Graves of Lindholm Høje

  • Underground Adventures inTingbæk Limestone Mine

    Going underground in Tingbæk Limestone Mine

  • Red Deer in Tofte Skov in the Lille Vildmose Nature Preserve

    Red Deer in the Lille Vildmose Nature Preserve

  • The impressive Stone House of Jens Bang in Aalborg

    Stone House of Jens Bang, Aalborg

  • Børglum Abbey - historic headquarters of the Premonstratensian Order

    Historic Børglum Abbey

  • Black Watch docking downtown

    Cruise Ships docking Downtown

  • Underground ruins of the Franciscan Friary in Aalborg

    Underground Ruins of Franciscan Friary, Aalborg

  • A lighthouse buried in sand at Rubjerg Knude

    A Lighthouse buried in Sand, Rubjerg Knude

  • An Alvar Aalto masterpiece - KUNSTEN museum of Modern Art

    KUNSTEN museum of Modern Art, Aalborg

  • Military hardware at the Aalborg Defence and Garrison Museum

    Hardware of the Defence & Garrison Museum

  • The half-timbered Aalborghus castle

    The half-timbered Aalborghus castle

  • A taste of Aalborg - the famous Aquavit

    A Taste of Aalborg - the famous Aquavit

  • Colorful Aalborg Carnival

    Colorful Aalborg Carnival

  • The beautiful renaissance castle of Voergaard

    The Renaissance Castle of Voergaard

Aalborg Port Info

57° 2′ 50″ N, 9° 55′ 12″ E.
inside the Limfjord, approx. 25 km from the open ocean

16 NM scenic sail from the kattegat through the Limfjord

Main cruise pier:
Royal Cruise Berth (Berth 4050)
Southside of Fjord, in city center

Alternate piers:
North Side piers (Berths 3012-3016), approx. 1½ km from city center

Port webpage:

Port of Aalborg

About Aalborg: Aalborg is Denmark’s fourth-largest city and is actually comprised of two cities separated by the Limfjord; Aalborg on the south side of the fjord and Nørresundby on the north side, linked by rail and road bridges. The city can trace its history back to 700AD as is evidenced by the historic Viking settlements and burial grounds that count among its top attractions, but most of the historic old town dates back to the 15th and 16th century.

Previously mostly known for heavy industry, Aalborg has for years been transitioning into a knowledge-based community, making large strides in technology, education, culture and sports. The city center is literally right next to the gangway and is small enough to traverse easily on foot, yet offers plenty sightseeing, shopping and activities to keep visitors engaged.

Aalborg is well-suited for both half-day and full-day calls.

Sights to see: Within the city of Aalborg a variety of city tours and specialty tours can be arranged, based on such attractions as the amazing Viking burial site of Lindholm Høje, the impressive Stone House of Jens Bang, the renowned KUNSTEN museum of modern art, the underground Franciscan Friary Museum, the unique Defense & Garrison Museum and the historic Aalborg Distilleries where Denmark’s most favorite Aquavit is produced.

Outside the city, but within easy reach of a half-day tour, other attractions and destinations include historic renaissance Voergaard Castle, the ancient Børglum Monastery, Viking ruins and recreations at Fyrkat Viking Center, the nature sanctuary at Lille Vildmose, the picturesque resort town of Sæby, the unique Elvis Presley museum that is Graceland Randers and the picturesque Hills of Rebild – home of the Tingbæk Limestone Mines and the largest 4th of July celebrations outside of the USA.

Further away and more suitable for a full-day tour format you can find attractions like Skagen – the popular and picturesque fishing village at the ‘Top of Denmark’.

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