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  • Copenhagen Harbor Baths

    Copenhagen Harbor Baths

  • Girls Relaxing by the Lakes

    Girls Relaxing by the Lakes

  • Green bicycle infrastructure in Copenhagen

    Green bicycle infrastructure in Copenhagen

  • Offshore wind mill parks

    Offshore wind mill parks

  • Rapeseed fields for biofuel

    Rapeseed fields for biofuel

  • Solar Energy Arrays

    Solar Energy Arrays

  • Spring time in Denmark

    Spring time in Denmark

  • Sustainable architecture in Ørestaden

    Sustainable architecture in Ørestaden

  • Urban oasis Frederiksberg Garden

    Urban oasis Frederiksberg Garden

Our Green Profile

Copenhagen aims to be the world's first carbon-neutral capital by 2025 and we at DMC Denmark are committed to doing our part in preserving our environment and minimizing our harmful impact on the world around us.

We pursue this commitment by choosing environmentally sound suppliers for our products whenever possible and by favoring and showcasing special green and sustainable tours, venues and activity options.

Our commitment is also carried into our daily working day with recycling schemes, waste reduction and energy conservation measures.

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