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  • Henrik in the canals of Copenhagen

    Henrik in the canals of Copenhagen

  • Lene & Cecilia cruising the Øresund

    Lene & Cecilia cruising the Øresund

  • Pernilla working with Carnival Tour Staff

    Pernilla working with Carnival Tour Staff

  • Raymond rules the ice

    Raymond rules the ice

Meet the Team

Our team of dedicated and experienced professionals are always at your service – be it for cruise handling or MICE business. Feel free to contact one of our market specialists if you have any questions or would like discuss specific client requirements. 


Jens Elers 




Lene Gaard
Director of Operations - Cruises

Susanne Cheller

DMC Group

Raymond Walder
Sales Director
DMC Nordic

Patricio X. Sotomayor 
Senior Key Account Manager

Anne Winding
Senior Key Account Manager
Norway & Sweden

Aldís Guðmundsdóttir
Key Account Manager
Maternity leave

Julia Deckert
Project Manager
Maternity leave

Rasa Svirnelyte 
Senior Key Account Manager

Petio Petkov
Project Manager


Erla Guðmundsdóttir Raskov
Project Manager


Francesca Simicich
Project Manager



Donatas Zavtrikovas
Project Manager



Jusko Fitos
Project Manager


Zanna Persson 
Cruise Manager


Adrian A. Pay Evensen
Cruise Assistant



Sasha Toubro-Nielsen 
Operations Manager Cruise


Kristian Hansen 
Operations Manager Cruise


Charlotte Nymand 
Finance Consultant


Benthe Thorlaksen
Finance Consultant



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